Based In Greenville, SC, USA
Based In Greenville, SC, USA
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The Real Story


If I’m keeping it Real with you, I’d have to say this page was the most challenging part of the website. I knew the brand was a great idea, but I wasn't sure I had a unique story to match it.

Like most people, I had an average childhood filled with struggles and mischief. Things didn't really begin to change for me, until I realized that my past didn't define my future. Fitting in became less and less appealing to me. Everyday I'm learning to take ownership and responsibility for my own life. Through this brand I'd like to empower others with the ability to do the same. This is just the beginning.

Real1Apparel is a lifestyle brand based out of Greenville, SC. It started in December 2017.

The brand represents every entrepreneur, artist, entertainer and trend setter. I want to see everyone who wears the brand, feel empowered, motivated and invited to the challenge of becoming the best version of themselves. Just be who you were designed to be without compromise and live with intention and purpose. We have premium quality products, with motivational quotes and eye catching designs. I hope that you can enjoy the process, embrace the movement, and incorporate the lifestyle. After all, Real Starts Within.